Featured Artists
Emily Bewalda
July 10th - August 2nd 2020

Bewalda has always loved making art. She would often paint and make crafts at home

and at school as a child. Her love for art grew when she became interested in photography and received a camera as a gift. After this point her love for all things art related expanded into other


Pursuing art as a career began with moving to Minneapolis, MN to study at the

Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She studied illustration at first, but made the switch to drawing and painting after taking her first college level painting course.

Her work has progressed and made many shifts over the past few years. She enjoys

taking risks and exploring how to use unconventional materials in her work. She hopes to share her work with as many people as possible across the world

Find out more about Emily Bewalda and her work on her website or Instagram @emilybewalda_art

Britt Musial

A homegrown Milwaukee Creative, Britt Musial is a curious artist in every sense of the word. Her inquisitive nature drives her to constantly explore new mediums, materials and techniques.

Britt is currently inspired by metal, fire, and wood. Using a variety of mediums and techniques to manipulate and deform her materials, she composes steel, copper, wood, and acrylics in combination with other found objects and up-cycled items.

Find out more about Britt and her body of work on her website or her instagram.

Vee Dols 
August 5th - August 30th 

Vee Dols is from Cedarburg, WI and is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis. She studies chemical and environmental engineering and plans on entering the field to work on environmental problem solving. Vee’s favorite mediums are acrylics, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, and ceramics. Outside of going to school and being an artist, Vee works as a seamstress making costumes, aids in environmental research at WashU, hikes, reads, gardens, cooks, and loves playing with her dog. 

Genelle Photography

September 3rd - September 30th

Genelle’s passion for capturing moments goes way back, but it wasn’t until just recently when her curiosity grew and she became hyper-focused on the study and art of photography.

This journey began shortly after the passing of Genelle’s mother, Barb. She picked up her mom’s camera, and the story continues from that day on. Another piece of the journey that was inherited from Barb is her free spirit, adventurous outlook on life. Genelle deeply connects with the world. Whether she’s traveling or she’s in her living room taking photos of flowers, she enjoys capturing and sharing the beauty of the world from her point of view.

From nature and landscapes, to architecture, to her more intricate work in water drop photography (ask her about that one if you see her!), Genelle freezes time to create the sense of connection... Connection to the past, to the feeling of the present moment, all turned into a connection with her audience. She hopes to send the message of growth, positivity, and love through her work, as these qualities are the backbone of her creative path through life.

Find out more about Genelle Photography on her website or her instagram.

Genelle Lengvenis 

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