Featured Artists
Britt Musial

A homegrown Milwaukee Creative, Britt Musial is a curious artist in every sense of the word. Her inquisitive nature drives her to constantly explore new mediums, materials and techniques.

Britt is currently inspired by metal, fire, and wood. Using a variety of mediums and techniques to manipulate and deform her materials, she composes steel, copper, wood, and acrylics in combination with other found objects and up-cycled items.

Find out more about Britt and her body of work on her website or her instagram.

Elvia Peña Savage

For Elvia Peña Savage, art is a way to express the beauty of life. She is continuously inspired by the seasons as she captures the many colors of the landscape in her powerful and striking work. Her depictions of the effects of light and color in the earth, sky, clouds, water, and flowers are breathtaking.

Born in Toliman, Jal, Mexico, the artist has always been passionate about art. Pursuing art in Mexico, England, and Wisconsin, Peña Savage is continually playing with colors and artistic styles. Her multicultural background is evident in her work and, as a result, provides a captivating and beautiful interpretation of her subjects.

Find out more about Elvia Peña Savage and her body of work on her website.

Katie has had the privilege of teaching yoga for 5 years and have been painting as a hobby for the last few years. She currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, teaching local Yoga and Pilates classes and painting in her spare time.


Paint pouring is a wonderful experience to Katie because it forces her to be present in the moment with the paint itself; being able to manipulate and adjust it in ways to make something beautiful that will eventually make someone else’s space also beautiful. She teaches from her soul and truly loves her role in being a helping hand to evolve the yoga practice of others.

Find out more about Katie and her body of work on her website.

Katie (KJ Flow)

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