Featured Artists
April 1st - May 30th 

Stacie Estrada is a Wisconsin artist currently living in Menomonee Falls, Wi. From a young child she always enjoyed creating. It was high school she found her passion for painting. Self-taught with high school and WCTC classes behind her it's the experience and working with other artists that has helped her grow.

She has spread her works with murals both residential and commercial as well as the parade of homes, many sold paintings from shows and galleries and commissioned work. It's seeing the customers reactions she loves the best. Her latest custom art business is combined with her daughter and husband.


Find Believe Custom Art and Design at www.believecustomartanddesign.com, or at @believecustomart. She has also owns Uptown Art and Art Lounge.  She prides herself on helping others explore the art world and helping kids and adults value and admire artists through the eye of creating.

Thursday, April 1st 6:00-9:00pm
Nicole's Third Ward Social
333 N. Broadway Milwaukee, WI 53202
May 6th - May 30th 

Michelle Thomas is a self taught painter and artist that primary focuses on nature inspired acrylic paintings. During the day Michelle works as a counselor and the first thing she enjoys to do after her job is paint. 

Thomas states that painting is her own personal therapy and a time where her mind can decompress from her day. In addition to the natural world inspiration, Thomas also pulls a lot of geometric and fine lines to pull the viewers attention. Come see Michelle Thomas's work this May in the backroom of Nicole's Third Ward Social! 

Thursday, May 6th 6:00-9:00pm
Nicole's Third Ward Social
333 N. Broadway Milwaukee, WI 53202

Looking to be one of our featured artists of the month? We are looking for local artists to put and sell their art right here at Nicole's Third Ward Social!

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