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January 6th - February 

“I see photographs in everything I do and wherever I am. Photography is a way of capturing memories and moments in time, and turning it into something tangible. There is nothing more meditative to me than holding my camera and connecting to my environment.” - Brooke

Brooke Chase was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has had a passion for photography since she was 9, when she was given her first Polaroid Instant camera. Although today, most of her images are captured through an iPhone and DSLR.

“I see myself as a lifestyle photographer. I find beauty in nature, food, architecture, people; anything with color, shapes, symmetry, design, and lighting. My goal is to convey what I see daily and put it to print so that those images can be shared.”  -Brooke

To place an order, please email: Metal, canvas, and matte or glossy prints are all available. Sizes may vary.

January 6th - February 

Jason Don Christensen is an American Painter who specializes in abstract expressionism/pop art. His main mediums are acrylic with spray paint and also enjoys printmaking.  Jason's art career took off in early high school with exposure byparticipatingin gallery nights in the Third Ward. At Cooperativa, a shared co-op studio space in the Marshall Building, he received his first commission and sales since then he has been expanding his art career. 


Jason is a Milwaukee native and currently attends UWM (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) in the PSOA (Peck School ofArts) program studying Graphic design. There he is studying design to help integrate commercial design skills into his fine artworks. Jason currently also has work on display at the Grafton Arts Mill where he volunteers.

January 6th - February 

Kate Tenney is a nature photographer based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She attributes her passion for the outdoors to being born into an adventurous, nature-loving family. Her family moved around a lot while growing up, resulting in a love of travel and a life-long sense of curiosity. Kate aims for her photos to encapsulate the beautiful, brief moments in time which the average onlooker may miss with the naked eye. 


A recent graduate of UW-Milwaukee, Kate has made the leap of pursuing photography full-time. She hopes to inspire others to break out of the mold, pursue their passions and shape a life that brings them joy. Kate also specializes in portraits of individuals and families. Find more of her work at, or at @ktenneyphotography. 


Looking to be one of our featured artists of the month? We are looking for local artists to put and sell their art right here at Nicole's Third Ward Social!

Please message us through facebook or through our email with photos or a website for us to check out.

Thank you.

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