What Exercises Are Good For Losing Stomach Fat

Combining cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and a nutritious diet is necessary for stomach fat loss. You must note that you cannot spot-reduce fat from a specific area; therefore, losing weight overall is essential for stomach fat reduction. So, this article will explore what exercise are good for loosing stomach fat.

What Exercises Are Good For Losing Stomach Fat

Here are some valuable exercises to aid you on your journey:

1. Burpee

To lose abdominal fat, you must exercise as many muscles as feasible. The burpee accomplishes this. The explosive exercise, which involves going from a pushup posture to a jump and then back to a pushup position, engages every muscle in the body.


  1. Separate your ankles by shoulder width.
  2. Bring your body down until your hands are on the floor about shoulder-width apart.
  3. You kick your legs back to get into a pushup position, do a pushup, and then quickly jump when you stand up.

2. Mountaineering

Consider the mountain climber to be a moving board. Mini crunches are performed by explosively bringing one knee to the torso.

Every time you elevate one foot off the floor, your core must work excessively hard to maintain your body’s stability and straightness.


  1. Assume a pushup position with your palms below your shoulders and a straight line extending from your head to your heels. This represents the initial position.
  2. Raise your right knee toward your torso by lifting your right foot off the ground. Return to the beginning position after tapping the floor with your right foot. Alternate between legs for each repetition.

3. Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell spin may be one of the most effective calorie-burning exercises ever. To propel the heavy iron ball, you must recruit large fat-burning muscle groups such as your glutes, hips, and quadriceps.

The explosive nature of this movement immediately raises your heart rate and strikes your core.


  1. Bending at the hips, hold a kettlebell at arm’s length in front of you with both palms. Slightly lean back and “hike” the kettlebell between your thighs.
  2. Then, tighten your glutes, push your hips forward with force, and lift the weight up to shoulder height. Turn the action done between the thighs around and do it again.

4. Medicine Ball Slam

If you haven’t used a medicine ball since grade school, you haven’t been getting the most out of it. Your core is where most of your strength comes from, so for powerful moves like the medicine ball slam, all the muscles between your neck and hips have to work together.

And if you pick up the tempo and propel the ball with greater force and velocity, your heart rate will increase, and you’ll burn significant abdominal fat, he says.

There is no need to enhance the weight. If you exert yourself and go all-out, a 3-kilogram medicine ball will suffice.


  1. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and the object above your head.
  2. Slam the ball as forcefully as you can to the ground. Rebound the ball and repeat.

5. Weighted Overhead Lunge

Adding an overhead dumbbell to a lunge transforms the exercise into a core chiseler. As the load shifts with each repetition, all of your torso muscles must work in unison to keep the weight directly above you.

The move also engages your back and butt, as rounded shoulders and feeble glutes contribute to a protruding abdomen.


  1. Get a pair of dumbbells with a weight between light and medium. Press dumbbells over your head with your hands facing each other. Don’t raise your shoulders to your ears.
  2. Step forward into a lunge, pause, and then bring your back leg forward and step your feet together. Change which foot you’re on as you walk.

6. Treadmill Intervals

If you want to lose weight around your midsection or anywhere else, there are few better exercises than brief, intense cardio sessions. Forget about daily 5Ks and focus instead on HIIT.

Participants burned up to 30 percent more calories during an HIIT exercise than during a longer, lower-intensity session of the same duration. Start with fifteen sets of 20 seconds of sprinting followed by 40 seconds of rest, and progressively increase the work-to-rest ratio.


  1. Incline the treadmill and run at full speed for the designated time.

7. Thrusters

This multi-joint exercise consists of a squat, a squat, and a shoulder press, and it will stimulate your glutes, quadriceps, abs, shoulders, and arms while challenging your cardiovascular fitness. It works almost every major muscle group and is the most cost-effective way to work out.


  1. Hold two kettlebells (or dumbbells) by their handles while supporting the weight on the back of your shoulder.
  2. Bend your ankles slightly and squat while keeping your legs parallel to your shoulders.
  3. Drive through your legs and extend them while extending your arms to lift the kettlebells above your head. Repeat squatting repeatedly.

8. Skaters

Skaters promote fat loss, improve agility, develop strength, increase power, and skyrocket fitness; however, they also reduce abdominal fat.


  1. Shoulder-width distance between the thighs when standing. Jump to one side of your mat and bow one knee slightly behind the supporting leg.
  2. Regain your standing position and spring to the opposite side of your mat.
  3. Shift your body weight and land on the opposite limb—several times.

9. Tuck Jumps

This plyometric exercise burns calories, making it an ideal addition to any fat-burning routine.


  1. While maintaining a hip-width distance between your ankles, bend your knees and extend your arms to shoulder height.
  2. Squat down deep and jump up straightly, bringing your knees to your outstretched hands with the strength of your legs.
  3. Make sure to rest softly and with bent knees.

10. Squat-Jumping Jumps

Another calorie-burning plyometric exercise, squat leaps are the foundation for virtually every lower-body explosive movement imaginable.


  1. Separate your feet from the breadth of your hips. Hip-hinge to pull the buttocks back and lower until the quadriceps parallel the floor.
  2. Press your feet into the ground to erupt off the ground and leap as high as possible.
  3. Allow your knees to bend 45 degrees upon landing, then promptly return to a squat position and jump again.

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